Exhibition images

The private view for the ‘perceptions’ exhibition took place on Tuesday and was well received. I have included some general shots as well as some of my own work in the show.

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‘Perceptions’ Exhibition

I am trying to get some work made for an exhibition next week called ‘Perceptions’ but i think i may have run out of time!. luckily i still have a large amount from my MA show which i can use. This is a show of work by Technical staff that support Art and Design at Uclan. It is a show i have been planning for a while given that a number of staff i work with are practicing artists. There will be a mix of Ceramics, Textiles, Print, Photography as well as models and some wooden items – a real mix. The idea is to show a different side to the staff that support the students and perhaps alter a few ‘perceptions’!


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Moving forward

After a few weeks break from making to get my MA show together i have managed to get back into my workshop to start making again. I have some thinking to do about what i want to make and how my work should develop especially in an exhibition and gallery environment. I wanted to make some individual pieces that still played on the idea of collections and museum pieces. These latest ideas may end up being shown under domes but i am not sure yet.

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An end and a start!

It is a strange feeling now that my Masters course has finished. A mixture of relief and also what happens next. It was good to get my certificate especially with the distinction grade. It is good to feel recognised for the work i have put in and the progress i have made. I intend to keep this blog going as i feel it has been beneficial to the development of my work and it will help make sence of what may happen next. The incentive of the course for me was to start making again and the bonus has been that it has taken my work in a new direction.

The next step is to keep making and developing and to get my work seen. There are a few exhibitions coming up so i need to get making soon. I also need to get the work from my final show out of the house as the boxes have filled up my dinning table! I am organising and exhibition of art from the Technical staff that support Art and Design at Uclan and should be an eclectic mix of work. There will be photography, Textiles, Print, Ceramics, Sculpture and crafts so there should be something for everyone.

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Today was the day to take my MA show down and surprisingly i was looking forward to it. Only because it gave me the chance to put a whole group of the bottle forms together like a giant chess set! The only problem now is that i had to empty my collection containers to do it. It is lucky that i have images of how they go together and that i like jigsaws!

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MA Show, PR1 Gallery

The Masters show is now up and open at the PR1 Gallery at uclan. It has been good to get my work finally on show and it nice to receive some positive feedback at a very busy private view. It has also been a good show for ceramics with five students showing this year. These are some images of the show, private view and set-up.

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Bottle ‘Tops’

While playing with my new groupings i have also been taking some photos to record the new pieces which has been an interesting exercise. I decided to take images of some of the cotton reel bottle tops and the finished images look great when presented together in a grid pattern. Because of this i may end up putting together a group of these bottles in my show.

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