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Crispin Owen saltglaze



Crispin owen - saltglaze

These are just a few pieces of work made recently at the International Ceramics Studio in Kesckemet Hungary (2010). We managed to to work in a wood fired salt kiln as well as two Raku firings. The salt was very succesful and produced some nice pieces. The Raku was less so – possibly as the work was allowed to cool too much before being reduced in the sawdust.

Raku - oil smoked

 luckily we can do a ruku anytime but the opportunity to do a salt firing was one not to be missed as Uclan is in a built up area so it is not safe to do this type of firing anymore. As the staff at Kesckemet needed to get the work through quickly it gave little time to experiment and develop the glazes and surface qualities. Keeping my work small on this occasion meant i was able to bring a few sample back with me.


Crispin Owen - High fired sawdust 1985


Crispin Owen

Crispin Owen


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