WSCAD Farnham staff

 These are some of the staff who i remember from my time at Farnham. I thought it was worth putting a list together especially as my memory fades!. One of the first people i remember was Jim Kirkwood who was the Head of Department. He interviewed me and was very supportive over the years i was at Farnham. I remember clearly his advice to burn the candle at both ends!. We actually visited some of the potters workshops such as Jill Crowley. At the time she lived in one house and used the house next door as her workshop. We also visited Alan Caiger-Smith at his Aldermaston pottery which was fascinating watching the process of firing lusters. We were also privileged to meet Ewen Henderson at his house in London. Not only seeing his work but also the objects he collected that influenced him.

As a student one of our favourite tutors was Gemma Bontempo. She was just so supportive and always seemed to find a way to get the best out of you.

Full time Ceramics tutors: Sebastian Blackie, Gary Standige, Ron Hackney, Nigel Woods

Technical support:  Duncan Ross, Maggie Zwaan, Liz Try

Part-time tutors/ visiting lecturers (Ceramics & Drawing): Gemma Bontempo, Paul Barron, Henry Hammond, Jill Crowley, Siddig el Nigoumi, Anita Hoy, John Maltby, Jacqueline Poncelet, Takeshi Yasuda, Magdelene Odundo, Henry Pimm, Alan Caiger-Smith, Jane Hamlyn, Peter Smith, Karin Hessenberg, John Ablitt, Rick Launder, Peter Starkey, Ewen Henderson, David Miller, Colin Pearson, Roger Woods , Katrina Evangelidou, Clive Bowen, Steve Jones, Jane Emmerson, Linda Gun-Russell, Ruth Franklin.

This is by all means not the full list of staff that we had and i will add names as my memory allows! I have looked through my old notes and timetables for some of the names to help. All the tutors had a different approach and we had the opportunity to try different styles. We even had a demonstration by Peter Smith who mixed concrete in with the clay so that no firing was required which was a way to get us to think out of the box.

 Other tutors/ staff: Ian Dumelow, Ray Flavel, Stephen Proctor.

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4 Responses to WSCAD Farnham staff

  1. rob Turner says:

    Hi I was a technician in ceramics for a while before moving to Fine Art. Great place to work, finally left I 2006 after 25 years.
    Rob (Bob) Turner

  2. Kathy Mason ( nee Wood) says:

    Thank you for the full reminder Chrispin, I remember Bob he was the out door kiln technician, a sharp contrast to today’s staffing. I am glad you are still making, after year of techncian work, I am teaching ceracmics and have stayed local to Farnham still seeing Liz Try. I wonder how many of our year group are still involved with clay. I have often tried to find Hazel Alders, Carol Mayo, Ginny Thomas, Helen Pope, Richard Charters, Kevin? Mark Ings and many more.

    • Hi Kathy, good to hear from you and if my memory serves me right you made stylized grass slab forms? I am probably wrong as it seems like a long time ago now! I haven’t kept in contact with our year group mainly as i initially moved to Cumbria as soon as i left. I am now the Technical Manager at the University of Derby where Sebastian Blackie still works. I believe Mark Indge works as a teacher at the Acorn School in London and Richard Charters had a pottery in Northumberland. If you know any more then please let me know. Best wishes Crispin

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