CCAD Carlisle staff

I was lucky enough to work in Carlisle as the ceramic Technician when Jim and Mike were running the HND course. The strange circumstances were that as i was moving from Farnham to work at the Art college the existing Technician was moving to Farnham to study on the course i had just left! It was not always a smooth ride but i do feel that i learned a great deal. It also meant that their contacts brought in some well-known potters.

Full time tutors: Jim Malone, Mike Dodd, Steve Ogden, Dave Sanderson.

Part time/ visiting lecturers: Lorna Graves, Alan Peascod, Jason Shackleton, Peter Strong, Michael Eden, Bryan Truman, David Frith, Christine Constant, Alison Ogden, Paul Scott, John Kershaw, Jane Smith, Bill Brown, John Maltby, William Marshall, Sasha Wardell.

One of my favourite artists at this time was Alan Peascod. I was not really aware of him untill his demonstration but after seeing his work and the way he worked i was hooked. From memory he worked with a blowtorch when throwing which allowed him to build and alter all at the same time without stopping.

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