MA Learning Agreement 1(11/11/10)

Name Crispin Owen
MA Course Title Ceramics
Status (F/T or P/T) P/T
Date 11/11/10
Version No.: 1
Brief explanation/ outline of project
 The development of my work to form a large wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities will be the basis of my MA study. This will include the development of my handbuilt pieces and give me the scope to play with the forms so they can be used in multiples. I will also use throwing as a tool to help with this development. This work will continue to build on the basis of slab built and thrown ‘flattened’ pieces with a front and back but the proportions will be exaggerated. My surfaces are very much about pattern rather than decoration and this is something i wish to explore. I have been undertaking some research on found object art, especially the sculptures of Louise Nevelson and wish to explore this theme in my work incorporating objects in and on my pieces. These may take the form of sprigged moulded parts that can be added or just handmade shapes. I still like the idea of boxes as well and this will be a way of displaying my work in a different way in a wunderkammer display.
Context / Rationale
 I would like my work to build on my many influences especially sculpture. While keeping true to the material i still wish to stretch the way that ceramics is viewed. Although my influences are sculptural i feel that i need to work round the idea of a vessel perhaps in its loosest form.  I also wish to explore the idea of multiples and combinations of pieces that work together. These may be companion pieces that create one overall form or multiple boxes of work that create a new form and identity when displayed.Another area i need to explore is the idea of truth to material. My passion is for working with the clay itself, the way it can be manipulated because of its flexible properties. That feeling changes as the work dries. I need to look at ways of keeping that natural feeling to the fireing process. In the past i have experimented with smoke, sagger and salt fireings.  I feel that i need to look at other methods and explore the idea of fuming and perhaps using lustres. This would tie in with my love of highly decorated icon imagery and triptychs.
Key areas of Research / Key Activities
 I need to look at developing the idea of multiple forms and the way they are displayed. This will involve developing the research i have already undertaken to do with ‘objet trouve’. I will also need to look at the idea of decoration and pattern which will involve researching religious and pre-Raphaelite imagery.Each individual piece will have different pattern and colour which then in combination will form a larger final composition.
Intended outcomes of project tended outcomes of project
 I intend to create a large wall piece made of multiple vessels and pieces. These will make use of different patterned and glazed surfaces.  To do this i will need to develop my vessel forms and decoration trying new surface techniques. To work out how they will combine together.
Student signature   Date: 17/11/10

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