Andre Breton


Rachel Whiteread

The work of Rachel Whiteread has fascinated me after watching a programme about her on TV.  At the time

Jacob Epstein

she was casting the inside of a house. I can remember thinking it was a bizarre thing to do but the final piece was amazing. It makes you think a great deal more about the negative space around objects.

Joseph Cornell


Anish Kapour

Jen Stark

You may realise while looking through the various sections of this blog that i do struggle with colour! The images i have shown here by Anish Kapour and Jen Stark go some way to address this. Although Anish is better known for his larger reflective pieces i have chosen to show some of his coloured powder work. Again this is purely down to the fact that i remember seeing this work many years ago at i think the Whitechapel Gallery in London. It made an impression because it was just so different from anything else at the time and reminded me of images of spices piled high on Indian markets.

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