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Pattern has played a big part in most of my work. At times i have been accused of ‘wallpapering’ pieces which in some ways has just encouraged me to do more of it. In terms of artists that have interested me the work of Bridget Riley has been one of the main ones. At the time the optical illusions the patterns made were not so obvious. Now as my eyesight is getting poorer the pattern does seem to move. While studying at Farnham i produced many sheets of pattern designs, many with a repeat pattern. When Colin Pearson visited and spoke to me as external examiner he found it difficult to focus on some of my pattern and now i am that bit older i can see why!

In many ways the work of Elizabeth Fritch echoes elements of Bridget Riley’s art. Many of her serfaces are repeated pattened using slips rather than paint. The work of Duncan Ross also reminds me of the geometric feel of Bridget Riley’s work. But whereas Fritch’s work is on a flattened form very much like a painting, Duncans pattern wraps around and adds to the form.


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