Sebastian Blackie

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I have already talked briefly about Sebastian but i felt it was worth the opportunity of getting some more images together and talking about his influence. Sebastian was my year tutor at Farnham many years ago and even at that time he had a formidable reputation. I remember being shown round before i applied and he was pointed out by a student as one of the reasons why the course was so popular. I am not sure that he saw the best in me but i feel that was down to me not pushing myself or explaining my ideas better. It was hard though not to be influenced by his work as it was all around us as he was always making. My most vivid memory of Sebastian was during a tutorial in his office while he was trying to explain something to me. He opened a draw and pulled out a small Hans Coper vase to illustrate his point. That form still sticks in my mind and is very similar to some of the flattened pieces i have made.

The piece below was a reject of Sebastian’s from Farnham and is an important piece to me. He may not have got the desired high sawdust effect on it that he was after but the form is unique. It is coil built and manipulated and then very simply cut away with a harp to create clean cut lines as well as naturally rough edges.

Objects in a Sebastian Blackie bowl


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