Salt/ Soda Glaze


 Saltglaze ceramics has always held a fascination for me. I feel there a few reasons for this but the main reason is that i like the fluidity of wet clay and the marks you can leave in the surface. The process of firing and glazing work can sometimes erase the detail whereas salt and soda extenuate these fine details. More me it brings the fluidity back.  luckily as a student at Farnham we were able to use an oil-fired salt kiln. My work was concerned with surface qualities and i was able to combine high sawdust with salt. My friend Howard Young was making large cylinder sections for larger sculptural salt glazed work and i was able to fire some pieces inside with sawdust. This enabled me to a pot which had the patterns of sawdust on the base but that was salt glazed at the top.

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 My visit to the International Ceramics Studio in Hungary gave me the opportunity to do some more salt glazing for the first time in many years. The results were mixed but it was still an enjoyable experience.


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