Brian Clarke

I have always been facinated by glass and the artists who work with it. Early memories of buying a George Elliot goblet from him at his workshop and a visit to the Tiffany collection  at the Haworth Art Gallery while i was still at school made a big impression.

George Elliot

For a while i did think that glass would be a subject worth studying at degree level and chose Ceramics at Farnham as it gave me the opportunity to work with glass as well.

Dale ChihulyBrian Clarke



William Morris

Brian Clarke is another glass artist whose work i admire.

 Clarks work is concerned with pattern with his glass panels reflecting his paintings. Many people will have walked below his work without realising it in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds.

Louis Comfort Tiffany

The iridescence of Tiffany’s favrile glass i find very beautiful. The surface in some ways is almost more important than the form. The workshop of John Ditchfield is close by and it is interesting to see techniques similar to Tiffany’s still being used today. 

John Ditchfield


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