Brenda Owen

Brenda Owen studied sculpture at Leicester College where she was a friend and contemporary of John Maltby who also studied sculpture. Over a number of years she has worked as a practicing artist and Lecturer. She taught life drawing and life sculpture at Leek School of Art. As an artist she can turn her hand to most subjects from ceramics to printmaking and was part of a local group of print artists called Printworks along with my brother Simon (photography).

Brenda Owen

The etching above is actually of my wife Katharine in the back garden of my parents house. This print forms part of a triptych of arched prints i have at home.

Unfortunately my mother passed away this year ( 2014) but the memories and the work she left will always be a reminder of what a very talented artist she was. She had a big influence on all the students she taught and I was lucky enough to be one of them.



One Response to Brenda Owen

  1. I was very sorry to hear she passed away, she was a lovely person to be around and I remember my time at Leek School of Art (75-77) very fondly… Both an amazing inspiration…

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