Automotive Design/ Form

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These images are looking at all types of design from personal memories of form and shape. I remember as a child having a lift in an Isetta bubble car and the memory and the image of that car and its shape has stuck with me. The same is true of the Citroen DS (though i have yet to ride in one). The curves of the designs are the main element of these cars though for very different reasons. You can hardly compare a goddess to a bubble!

 I have always  wanted to own a DS but with limited mechanical skills the work needed to restore one seemed far too daunting. That was in the days before my family came along and the nearest i got was a Citroen BX estate. Deceptively fast but problems with the hydraulic system not only drained the fluid but also my wallet.

 The image of the ‘chop-top’ american car is again something from my younger days and from ready my big brothers custom car magazines. Form over function in some ways but worth it!

 The work of Gabriel Orozco is fairly new to me but obviously it is the use of the DS that drew my attention to him. The idea of taking a section out of a form is something i do with my own ceramics. Even with a huge section taken out it is still unmistakably a DS although it does remind me slightly of a messerschmidt bubble car.

Gabriel Orozco Modified DS


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