Gilbert & George

Marcell Duchamp

Andy Goldsworthy


I have a number of artists whose work i would say influences me and primarily in the area of sculpture. I tend to like work that can challenge and the thought that some people just do not understand some artists appeals. Marcell Duchamp is one of those artists as is Richard Long. Both these artists use ‘readymade’ materials and their environment. There have been a number of other artist that have made the same use of materials such as Arman and Andy Goldsworthy.

I also feel influenced by my parents in the type of artist i like. Sir Stanley Spencer is one of my mothers favourite artists along with Henri Rousseau, who both use a naive style in their work.  I was able to visit the Stanley Spencer Gallery which is located in the old Methodist Chapel in Cookham which is the perfect location given that he spent his life living and painting there.

Sir Stanley Spencer


Richard Long


Micheal Brennand-Wood

I have always liked the work of the Pre-Raphaelite and especially Dante Gabrielle Rossetti. The composition, symbology and the use of gold remind me of religious icons. In a similar way this is why i like the work of Gustav Klimt.

Dante Gabrielle Rossetti


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