Along with visiting many historic buildings as a child and i also visited many churches through my Dads interest in design and the work he undertook on a number of churches. My memory is also taken back to the churches i visited as a child in Leek.

John Owen - St Edwards church Leek

 As i have said elsewhere he worked on Designs for Coventry Cathedral but he has also worked on a range of commissions for other churches such as All Saints and St Edwards in Leek Staffordshire.

Gethsemane Chapel, Coventry cathedral - Alter designed by John Owen from a origional idea by Sir Basil Spence

  One of the most impressive churches in Leek is All Saints on Compton built by Norman Shaw. The interiors are a feast of Art and Crafts influenced designs with the Lady Chapel walls painted by John Edgar Platt. My Dad, John Owen, has a number of individual carvings in this church representing the twelve stations of the cross.

All Saints Church Leek - John Edgar Platt detail

Over the years i have managed to see many churches including Stave churches in Norway while studying there. I was able to see the example below at the Folk museum in Oslo as well as visiting one hidden in woods a short bus ride away on the outskirts of  Oslo.

Stave Church Oslo Norway

On a visit to Romania prior to the overthrow of  Nicolae Ceauşescu we were able, with guides, to travel round most of the country. Along with visiting Bran Castle in Transylvania we were also able to visit some Romanian monasteries. The fascinating thing with these is the paintings on the outside of the building walls as well as the inside.

As well as the rather ornate high churches i also like the very simple churches such as the Wesleyan Chapels. On a recent trip to Bristol we visited John Wesley’s Chapel ‘The New Room’ which dates from 1739 and is the oldest Methodist building in the world. Its simple lines and functionality are beautiful.

'The New Room' Bristol

Moldovita Monastery, Romania


Prinillas church, Corfu, Greece

Above is the interior of the small church in the village of Prinillas, Corfu which is the home of my brother-in-law and nephews in Greece.


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