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My favourite styles of houses are the Arts and Crafts and Victorian. I like the detail of the Victorian period and the design and form of the Arts and Crafts. One of the best Arts and Crafts buildings is Blackwell House in the lake District. The standout space  in this building has to be the white room. 

With some of the buildings here you will see that there are more personal attachments and influences of the buildings. I have been lucky enough to have been educated in some very impressive buildings over the years. My secondary years were spent at Westwood High School in Leek which was once a grand house called Westwood Hall which was built for John Davenport who owned the Davenport Pottery Company. In reality it was not as grand as it first looks as much of the teaching took place in huts behind the main building!

 The interesting thing about putting these images together is to see the links and similarities between them. In a recent conversation with Anna Lambert she commented about how chimneys on these images linked well with the wings on my pots. Not something i had really thought about but i can see it now and will look to add some images for reference.  


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