Floats/ Flotsam & Jetsam

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It may be something that i should not admit to but whenever i get near a beach i end up beach combing looking for worn stones and other bits of flotsam and jetsam. Not for me the manicured beaches with nice clean sand! I have collected many unusual items and at one point i had a habit of collecting worn a rounded bricks. They end up resembling terracotta stones but unfortunately i have tried to resist for a while because of space. I remember on one occasion that i nearly took this too far once when i was a student and we found a rounded section of a brick wall on a beach at Selsy Bill. We had travelled down in my friend Andre’s VW beetle and i did for a while try to contemplate how i would get it into the Beetle. If anyone knows where the boot of a Beetle is you will realise that this was not a sensible idea. If i end up collecting too much on a beach i always end up thinking about that wall! The floats remind me of beach combing and the effects that the weathering of the sea, sand and sun have on objects.



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